My Nobel Prize Winning Heroes

“My Nobel Prize Winning Heroes” Biography Brochures, Slipcases and Illustrations.
Branding, Concept Development, Illustration, Print, Typography

The International Society of Typographic Designers brief proposed the design of a suite of publications that highlight the various categories of Nobel Prizes awards, with a sensitive use of type and a subtle approach to the inclusion of illustrative content.

I chose to highlight the lives and work of Nobel Prize winners for Literature, in a series of publications presenting a brief biography highlighting their most significant works. After thoroughly researching each writer’s biography, I created content using Jan Tschichold’s traditional layout approach and playful paragraph captions to engage the reader. Typography was used to design the brochure covers, with the recipient’s initial indicating their life path. The slip case designs were influenced by the writers’ famous work:

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: an old Cyrillic traditional ornament style was used to illustrate his allegiance to, and love of, Russian literature. Focusing on the ‘S’ letter was fitting as this author is often colloquially referred to by just his surname.

Rudyard Kipling: plants from the recent exhibition “Indian Orchids” in Kew Gardens were used to depict his love for India.

Ernest Hemingway: sea wave elements were used in recognition of his famous novel: “The Old Man and the Sea”.